A 72-year-old Florida man was arrested on Wednesday for threatening to kill a member of Congress and his family, the Justice Department said. 

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., suggested on X that he was the victim in the incident.

‘No threat is going to stop me from representing my constituents,’ Swalwell wrote. ‘MAGA Republicans have chosen violence over voting and this is what it looks like. But I’m not going away and neither should you.’

Michael Shapiro, of Greenacres, Florida, made ‘threatening calls’ targeting a lawmaker and his children last month, a release from the Justice Department citing the formal complaint said.

‘According to the complaint, on Dec. 19, 2023, Michael Shapiro left five voicemail messages for a U.S. Congressperson at the Congressperson’s congressional office in Washington, D.C.,’ the release said.

A copy of the criminal complaint obtained by Fox News Digital shows that most of Shapiro’s alleged calls focused on accusations that Swalwell had an affair with a suspected Chinese spy known as Fang Fang. 

‘Hey mother-[expletive], you [expletive] a Chinese spy. You mother-[expletive]. I’m gonna come after you and kill you [N-word],’ the complaint described the second call.

Another call is described, ‘Hey greaseball, you [expletive] a [expletive] Chinese spy. Fang Fang. Fang Fang. I’m gonna come and kill your children mother-[expletive]. I’m gonna kill your children.’

Shapiro allegedly made the calls from his home in South Florida, according to the release.

His first court appearance came Wednesday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce E. Reinhart in the Southern District of Florida. 

The voicemails are also being investigated by U.S. Capitol Police. Fox News Digital reached out to the Capitol Police for comment on Thursday but did not immediately hear back.

Shapiro had previously pleaded guilty in 2019 to federal charges related to ‘threatening communications.’

In August of last year, Swalwell posted graphic audio on X of violent threats made against him and his family. He said the message was a recorded call made to one of his Congressional offices. 

‘Swalwell’s a worthless piece of s—. Cut his wife’s head off, cut his kids’ heads off. I don’t give a f—,’ a voice said.

A 22-year-old Pennsylvania man pleaded guilty in October 2022 after being accused of making threatening calls to Swalwell’s California offices. 

Earlier this year, Swalwell reported ex-San Francisco 49ers player Bruce Miller to Capitol Police for allegedly threatening him in a direct message on social media.

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