POND IoT partners with FrontierUS to enhance IoT solutions with global SIM technology, providing customers with streamlined access to Peplink devices and creating a more robust and comprehensive connectivity experience across industries.

POND IoT, a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with FrontierUS, a value-added distributor of Peplink devices in the United States.

This collaboration is set to provide customers purchasing hardware from FrontierUS with access to POND IoT’s global SIM, significantly enhancing the functionality and global reach of mobile networks across several sectors.

This partnership creates a comprehensive ecosystem for customers, offering a unified platform for distribution, support, and enhanced mobility solutions. The synergy between POND IoT and FrontierUS is poised to redefine the landscape of IoT and connectivity, offering direct access to Peplink’s extensive product range. This not only dramatically reduces lead times but also introduces competitive pricing structures. Customers of FrontierUS will benefit from POND IoT’s years of industry-leading experience, ensuring reliable connectivity that is paramount for operations demanding consistent and robust internet connectivity, here in the US and aboard.

“Our partnership with FrontierUS represents our commitment to advancing IoT technology and its accessibility.” – Igor Kamenetsky, CRO of POND IoT

“Our partnership with FrontierUS represents our commitment to advancing IoT technology and its accessibility,” said Igor Kamenetsky, CRO of POND IoT.

“Integrating our technology with Peplink’s robust hardware sets a new standard for connectivity solutions in various industries.”

FrontierUS, with its expertise in network technology and a deep understanding of the American market, is integral to this partnership. This collaboration is expected to not only improve the product offerings of both companies but also to provide customers with a more versatile and resilient connectivity experience.

“We are excited to officially launch our partnership with POND IoT and add this valuable and super-flexible offering to our portfolio. POND’s SMART SIM technology, coupled with their vast carrier network, aligns with the FrontierUS mission of enhancing our partners’ ability to create resilient connectivity across North America that is simple to deploy, and easy to manage and support”, said Paul Wieland, President & CEO of FrontierUS.

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