Hotel owners and managers already go the extra mile for their guests by providing excellent customer service, luxurious bedding, and even room service. However, there’s potential for you to be doing much more. You could also be treating your customers to the following Internet of Things (IoT) devices to make their stays more convenient and enjoyable:

IoT Curtains and Blinds

After acquiring a hotel business and putting plans in place to enhance the guest experience, consider investing in IoT curtains and blinds. They can be an excellent talking point with guests while also being something unique and unexpected.

Such curtains and blinds can be controlled remotely and even set on an automatic timer. Guests can enjoy having them open when the sun goes up and close when it goes down without lifting a finger.

Smart Locks and Keyless Entry

While traditional keys have been more than suitable in hotels for several years, we now have a more convenient and more secure option at our disposal. The hospitality industry is leveraging IoT through smart locks and keyless entry. These low-touch solutions can allow for more guest convenience.

Rather than risk losing a swipe card or key, guests can receive a unique code when they check in and use it to enter their room. The auto-generated keys can change for each new booking.

Smart Energy Control

Hotels in America are spending an average of $2,196 per room on energy every year. That’s an incredible 6% of their operating costs. Just a 10% reduction in energy use would have as much effect as increasing the room rate.

That’s where smart energy control with IoT comes into play. With the right setup, hoteliers can monitor and adjust all lights, fans, air conditioning and heating units, and appliances for guest convenience and money savings. Best of all, you can make all these adjustments without even visiting the rooms.

Noise Monitoring

Excessive noise can be a common problem in some hotels and motels. Rowdy guests celebrating a special occasion may decide to hold get-togethers and parties in their rooms. Not only can this lead to room damage, but it can also reduce the enjoyment of other guests.

Just as we have environmental noise pollution tools, we can also use IoT noise monitoring solutions in our hotels. Noise monitoring devices can provide insight into noise levels across all rooms. When you notice a particular room exceeding noise levels, you can intervene before a social gathering gets too noisy or disturbs other guests.

Robot Assistance

There have been staffing shortages in the hospitality industry for many months now. Hotel owners and managers are struggling to find workers, and the customer experience can suffer. However, IoT robots may assist with this problem.
Rather than relying on employees for tasks like luggage transportation and customer queries, hotels can implement robots to take care of these tasks. In fact, some hotels are already doing it. The Henn-na Hotel in Asia is staffed by multilingual robots like android concierges, cloakroom attendants, and rechargeable luggage trolleys as robotic porters.

Hotel owners face many challenges, and technology may not solve all of them. However, if improving the guest experience is high on your priority list, you may be able to rely on these IoT solutions above to help.

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