Semtech Corporation, a high-performance semiconductor, IoT systems, and cloud connectivity service provider, today announces the AirLink® XR60 5G Router Solution, a breakthrough in networking technology designed to offer 5G and Wi-Fi 6 performance in an ultra-compact and ultra-rugged design for highly demanding environments.

“Celebrating this release is particularly special for us at Semtech, formerly Sierra Wireless. The AirLink® XR60 isn’t just any router – it’s the next evolution in 5G technology. Rising 5G adoption is paving the way for a more diverse array of applications, underlining the need for versatile and easy-to-install solutions. Our customers, particularly those in public safety and utilities, have expressed a clear requirement for routers that aren’t just technologically advanced, but are also small, rugged and reliable under extreme conditions. The XR60 embodies our continued commitment to these sectors, ensuring that we’re not only meeting but exceeding the expectations and demands of those who rely on us the most,” explains Tom Mueller, EVP and GM of IoT System Products Group at Semtech.

Revolutionary Design Brings 5G to More Places Than Ever Before

The XR60 builds on the highly rugged AirLink Pro Series design. Its ultra-compact design facilitates a smooth transition to 5G for industrial and utility customers who won’t need to redesign existing installations. It also simplifies deployments in equipment-filled public safety vehicles.

“With its combination of ruggedness and ultra-compact size, the XR60 is a game-changer for applications both in challenging environments and where physical space is limited, including critical infrastructure, video surveillance, smart cities and public safety vehicles. This robust yet compact design is what truly sets the XR60 apart, enabling new possibilities in highly challenging edge applications,” says David Markland, Vice President of AirLink Networking Solutions at Semtech.

Advanced Technology Brings High-Performance Connectivity and Longevity

The AirLink® XR60 sets new standards in broadband performance, combining 5G, Wi-Fi 6, 5 Gbps Ethernet and USB-C support for high-speed and efficient local and wide area network data transfers. This is critical for vehicle applications that demand low latency for web-apps and high-speed performance for video streaming, for example.

But the XR60 isn’t just about performance; it also embodies Semtech’s commitment to longevity. This new-generation router — powered by AirLink® OS — combines 5G performance with modern networking features like edge computing and Cognitive Wireless, Semtech’s patented technology for intelligent hot failover and traffic steering. It also provides extensive support for both public and private 5G and LTE bands, making it an adaptable solution for various applications.

“We are excited to integrate the XR60 into our network portfolio of rugged field proven AirLink products. It will extend and protect our network investments as carriers migrate their services to 5G,” explains John Nachilly, Manager of Network Strategy and Architecture at Eversource.

Network and Security Management

Integrating critical assets into network infrastructure involves much more than simply deploying routers; it demands a comprehensive approach to network control and security. The AirLink® XR60 addresses this need by including 1 year of AirLink Complete, a holistic service package that brings together advanced remote device and security management via the AirLink Management Service (ALMS) platform, and peace of mind through 24/7 technical support and hardware warranty.

To make 5G upgrades even more seamless, Semtech is thrilled to unveil the AirLink XR60 5-Year Complete Promotion. With this program, customers that purchase and register an AirLink XR60 router in 2024 will benefit from an extension of their AirLink Complete subscription from one year to five years.

XR60 Solution Key Benefits:

High Performance: Equipped with 5G, Wi-Fi 6, 5Gbps Ethernet and USB-C technologies.
Ultra-Compact Design: Ideal for space-constrained industrial settings and vehicle applications.
Ultra-rugged Design: MIL-STD-810H grade shock and vibration resilience, extreme temperature and humidity operating range, intrinsic safety (C1D2) and power redundancy.
Future-Proofing: New-gen solution with flexible software-defined routing functions and multi-band support.
Edge Intelligence: Industry-standard container support for superior computing capabilities (beta program)
Long-term support and remote management with 5 years of AirLink Complete offered to all XR60 routers purchased and registered in 2024.


The AirLink® XR60 5G cellular router is now available commercially. It is certified on AT&T and being certified on other 5G networks globally.

For more information, visit: Semtech’s XR60 Product Page.

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